About us

Our Mission:
Skipless listening for a happier life

The right song at the right time unlocks our superpowers. It can motivate us to run faster, drown out distraction, or heal a broken heart. Unfortunately, finding that perfect track is nearly impossible. With over 100 million songs on demand, nobody has the time and expertise. Meanwhile, traditional streaming services aren’t built for the job, relying on decades old recommendation engines and manual curation.

At otto, our mission is to leverage the latest technological advancements in AI and sensor data to radically improve the state of music curation. Put simply, we aim to deliver the perfect song to match whatever you’re doing while you keep your attention on what matters most.

Our Founding Team

Ryan Wenger

Cofounder CEO

Founded WhereTo, an enterprise business travel platform, and sold it to a public company in 2020.

Favorite Musicians: Gangstarr, Mobb Deep, Bob Dylan.

Durin Gleaves

Cofounder & Head of Product

10+ years bringing AI and music together; Head of Audio @ Adobe through 2022.

Favorite Musicians: Django Reinhardt, Portishead, Beastie Boys.

Michael Wei

Cofounder & CTO

10+ years in building AI and tech solutions in Amazon, Microsoft, Aaptiv, ADP.

Favorite Musicians: Wolfgang Mozart, Naiwen Yang